Dear Friends in the PSU Community,

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your families!

Indeed I am truly in anticipation of a great year ahead. Personally, I am hoping that it is the best one that we will ever be having in a long time. After all, 2015 marks a very special milestone in the Palawan State University as we celebrate our 50th year. As such, we have a full calendar ahead of us.

Let us remind ourselves that PSU as we know it today did not happen overnight. Truly, what we have right now is the result of the blood, sweat and tears of a special breed of hardworking men and women in our community who have invested their time and effort to turn what was once a mere dream into the great reality that it is today. We honor all of those who have come before us and we thank those among us who have chosen the hard path by carrying the torch in order for the legacy that is PSU to live on.

2015 shall be remembered as the year we reignited the fire of passion within our community. My vision for the 12 months ahead is for us to have the most number of activities this school has ever had in its 50 year history. This year will be a year of exceeding expectations for all of us. I highly encourage everyone to do things extraordinarily well. It doesn’t matter if you are faculty, staff or student. It is upon everybody’s shoulders to celebrate what we have achieved as one of the premiere institutions in this country. Truth be told, we already have a list of activities stacked up for our Golden Year Celebration. However, I have a standing invitation to the different colleges and offices in the University to propose more projects for us to do this year. 50 years does not come on a regular basis and so please consider this as a golden chance to become a part of PSU history.

And so we shall celebrate this in true PSU fashion. Let us all outdo ourselves. Let us showcase our excellence at its finest in and around the walls of our beloved Palawan State University.

May we always continue to inspire excellence in one another.

Mabuhay ang Palawan State University! Mabuhay ang PSU-ans!