Living up to its reputation, the PSU has once again concluded a seminar that focused on Total Economic Valuation. This is considered as one of the best environmental practices in the world today and the Palawan State University has employed a technological shift to make this a more relevant tool in terms of understanding the environment as it relates to the economy.

 This development is a result of the continuous research that the PSU is doing to help address the ever evolving issues on the environment. As always, it is in the PSU’s interest to lead in the move to find the best solutions to environmental concerns, not the least of which being the careful and deliberate study of issues which may potentially pose a threat to the environment.

In the case of the recent training held last March 2, 2015, there was a Total Economic Valuation seminar held by ALKFI consultants at the PSU Hostel. This was conducted on select PSU personnel, with focus on a mining site located in Narra, Palawan.

The ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc. (ALKFI) has deployed this group of consultants to do training for selected partners on matters regarding universal soil loss erosion (USLE) in mining sites. So far, there are three specific areas in the Philippines being looked into, namely Bicol, Mindoro and Palawan. For Palawan, the commissioned partner is the Palawan State University.

As part of the Total Economic Valuation study, a team composed of PSU members were trained in measuring USLE through the use of a technological tool which identifies the amount and type of nutrients that are lost due to mining activities. Normally, soil is not the focus of such operations which purely have an interest in nickel. But the fact remains that there are also key nutrients present in the soil that are lost due to erosion, when these can otherwise be productively utilized for something else. This can then be translated into a loss in opportunity, a loss of livelihood, as well as a loss of money. The ALKFI and its commissioned partners are very vigilant in ensuring that this is given significant consideration.

With this training and other such engagements in the past, it has always been known that the PSU has nurtured a very strong linkage with the ALKFI. It is certainly not the first time that the Palawan State University has been selected as a partner in Research because the PSU has proven itself worthy as it employs a reliable, accurate and disciplined approach in its studies.

Prof. Mallari could not be clearer on how important PSU’s role is to the success of this endeavor.

“PSU, since we are an academe, has the responsibility to get an objective view of what is happening. At the same time, the communities, NGOs and other external stakeholders will be able to make use of our expertise on this,” she said.

The PSU has always been at the forefront of Research and Extension operations, giving importance to community development and concerns about the environment. The Research aspect of this particular project is clearly in the works at the moment and hopefully, the PSU can eventually do Extension work after this.

As a necessary follow-through, the TEV team is now looking forward to visiting Narra again soon to collect soil samples in the specific barangay and apply what they have learned in the training.

The ABSCBN’s aim is to come up with a policy brief after this study and so the Lopez-owned institution wants to get trustworthy data from the field in the interest of promulgating the fairest and most responsible mining acts in the country.