The Palawan State University Career Day has just been successfully concluded and there is no one happier about this development than OSA Director Dr. Grace Abrina.

“The turnout of the Career Day was awesome for all of us. We have overshot the number of student participants that we expected. This year we have almost reached 1000 students who participated in this event,” said Dr. Abrina.

The first part of the event consisted in orienting 2 batches of student participants on the different ways to improve one’s chances of getting hired. These include resume writing, dressing up properly and answering interview questions. The final day of the event culminated in an actual job fair, wherein a total of 46 companies represented by their HR offices have come to the PSU to source out potential talent from PSU.

“This is a very good indication that there is a positive response from the community. In the future, we would like to bring this activity outside in a bigger venue, at the City Coliseum perhaps. There are many companies who have called us to express their interest in joining the job fair. There are even international companies who have reached out to us. One example is the American Chamber of Commerce, who have signified their intention to employ Palawenyos for their geothermal energy venture here in Palawan. I hope that our engineering students will have a good chance to be employed after their graduation,” added Dr. Abrina.

The OSA is positively looking forward to having this event twice a year, in alignment with the mid-year and year end graduations at the PSU.

“Perhaps the next one we can have in August or September,” shared Dr. Abrina.