As part of the ongoing 2017 PSU Faculty and Staff Conference, the Palawan State University conducted a Stress Management Seminar on June 8, 2017 held at the newly-opened Teresita L. Salva Library Building. The participants for the event included University faculty and personnel.

The special guest speaker for the activity was Ms. Rowena Fernandez, who gave a detailed explanation on the effects that stress produces on the human mind and body. Her lecture included studies on the topic, which included “Selye’s Three Stages of Stress Response,” and the surprising importance that stress plays in daily life. Ms. Fernandez also explained the threats posed by stress on health, as it can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, and addiction to alcohol and abuse of illegal substances.

The seminar also addressed a scientific analysis into the root causes of stress, the circumstances, emotions and habits that can trigger such, and how to manage these factors.

The Stress Management Seminar is one of several sessions that PSU has conducted in its Faculty and Staff Conference for the benefit of its workforce and faculty. The University hopes to provide more opportunities for the faculty and staff to attend such lectures and seminars in the future.