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The Philippines is making a turn towards what is expected to be the trend for marketing practices in the years to come and the Palaweño ICT Association (PICTA) is not the least to respond to changing times. Recently held at the ICT office in Palawan State University, a Digital Literacy Seminar was conducted by MIMAROPA Ventures and PICTA to a group of SMEs whose aim is to empower their businesses through the use of online marketing.

“The ICT council of Palawan is in full support of ICT for development. President Jeter Sespeñe, who is a member of the board of trustees in PICTA, has been very supportive of developmental projects such as this one,” shared Mr. Jet Montablan, the PICTA Executive Director who made this seminar possible.

The keynote speaker for this seminar was Ms Janet Toral, one of the pioneering e-commerce advocates in Manila. Most of the critical knowledge that she shared was focused on concepts such as search engine optimization and link-building which are the ultimate tools in digital marketing and more effective brand visibility on the internet. This then translates into a far-reaching engagement which bridges SME businesses and their targeted market. Widely recognized as one of the pillars of ICT for e-commerce in the Philippines, she is also the founder of popular website Digital Filipino which started back in 1999.

Asked on his opinion on the direction of digital marketing in Palawan, Mr. Montablan bared, “The future is very promising. Many businesses in the tourism industry here in Palawan are choosing digital marketing as the means to promote their businesses. This proven formula can also work in other industries in Palawan. The government and private individuals should be the prime movers in this effort, most especially because of the coming ASEAN Integration in 2015.”