Brief History and Mandate

The establishment of MSL was conceptualized on 10 April 2012. This was subsequently confirmed by the University Board of Regents on 16 May 2012 per BOR Resolution No. 21, series of 2012 and on 14 November 2012, the unit was placed under the office of the Vice President for Research and Extension through Office Order No. 422, series of 2012.

The MSL serves as a research facility and/or arm of the university and the coordinating base for marine researches. Its basic concerns are the marine resources, environment, and the end-users. It works with other units of the university, particularly with the College of Sciences. It likewise provides laboratory facilities for students, faculty-researchers and associates from national and international research institutions.

Summary of Accomplishments

At present, there are three externally funded Research and Development Programs being implemented by the MSL. These include the: (1) DOST-funded Seaweeds R&D, (2) DA-BFAR-funded Philippine National Aquasilviculture and (3) CHED-funded R&D Program for Marine Biodiversity along Sulu and Bohol Seas. These programs with counterfunding from the university had led to the establishment of indoor seaweeds culture laboratory; seaweeds land-based nursery; marine multi-species hatchery and the acquisition of state-of-the-art research equipment.

These further established linkages with reputable research institutions such as the Silliman University-Angelo King Center for Research and Environmental Management (SUAKCREM) and University of Projects and Activities the Philippines- Institute of Biology-Genetics Academic Group and the UPD- Marine Science Institute and with nearly 30 seasoned researchers and renowned scientists.

In terms of extension services, at least 13 units of aquasilvifarms and 4 lying-in hatcheries had been awarded to local communities of southern Palawan through the MSL initiatives.

Upcoming Projects and Activities

The MSL is currently pursuing its upgrading into a research complex to include facilities on genetics, molecular, analytical, diagnostics, and biotechnological researches. The newly completed master development plan for this shall be integrated to MSL on-going proposals for possible funding from national research agencies. Continuing activities in line with the DOST-PSU Seaweeds Project include field testing, technology dispersal, establishment of seaweeds demo farms and production sites across municipalities of Palawan are getting into the MSL research pipeline through the proposal submitted to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM). Other future concerns of the unit include the: (1) promotion of local and international exchanges of scientists and students in marine sciences, (2) assistance to public and private agencies engaged in marine development activities such as coastal management training; resource and ecological assessment; marine parks; aquaculture and pollution studies, (3) providing linkages between marine sciences and humanities, and (d) serving as an environmental steward in Palawan.

Contact details

For inquiries, contact:
Floredel D. Galon is the head of the Marine Science Laboratory situated at PSU- Main Campus. An alumus of PSU for her bachelor’s degree in Biology, she pursued her master’s degree in Marine Biology at Silliman University, Dumaguete City (2000-2003) under the PSU-faculty development program.
Through the Department of Science and Technology Scholarship Grant (2008), she is finishing her dissertation for Ph. D Marine Science Program at the Marine Science Institute- University of the Philippines (UPMSI) in Diliman, Quezon City, where she garnered “Katibayan ng Kagalingan” as University Scholar during the SY 2008-2009.

She has been taking consultancy works relating to coastal resource assessment for professional advancement and has presented a number of scientific papers in national and international scientific gatherings. She has also been given awards of distinction by local government units in Southern Palawan for technical expertise and assistance she has extended to the fisher-folks in the localities.

Currently, she is the project/study leader of DOST funded Seaweeds R&D Program, CHEd-funded Marine Biodiversity Program along Bohol and Sulu Seas, and the DA-BFAR-funded Philippine National Aquasilviculture Program, which allowed her to bringin multi-million research projects to the university (2012-2013).

Floredel Dangan-Galon
MSL Head
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048-723-0723; 0929-222-7550
Marine Science Laboratory, Palawan State University
Tiniguiban Heights, Puerto Princesa City