In this Golden Year’s second installment of the Pabilugon, faculty and students from the Palawan State University partook of another night of song, dance and good will at the football field in the Main Campus in Tiniguiban. A number of performances were given by students, select faculty and a few pop bands from outside of PSU.

This month’s gathering is an improvement from the first installment which came at the resumption of classes in January. The PSU is in anticipation of a bigger patronage in the next Pabilugon celebrations slated for all full moon nights throughout the year.

The PSU headed by Pabilugon architect Mr. Bimbo Fernandez is opening doors to the PSU community especially the student body to take part in the next Pabilugon celebration in March. Students who wish to perform may meet with Mr. Fernandez at the President’s Residence in PSU.

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