Much has been said about an exceptional group of young men and women from Palawan who have defied the odds in recent times. They are on a journey. A journey that has been met with its share of joys and pains, laughter and tears, successes and failures.

They draw their strength from the faith that in chasing their dream, there is a great promised land that they have yet to reach, and although we have seen them come this far, they resolve to move forward as steadily as ever.

They are strong and they are proud. They are the Palawan State University Singers.

The Palawan State University Singers is a chorale group made up of students from the different municipalities of Palawan. The choir was brought together to become a strong cultural arm of the University that nurtures talents of students and showcases Philippine traditions, Palaweño culture in particular, through chorale arts.

In 2012, the group was founded by Dr. Daisy Grace C. Antonio and since, it has been under the leadership of Prof. Demy Dizon. It primarily envisioned to afford the opportunity to gifted, underprivileged teenagers and young adults to showcase talent in local and international performances.

The PSU Singers’ primary mission is to promote excellence in choral music through performance while sharing Palawan culture as it creates linkages, and establishing sustainable arts practice within the bounds of cultural integrity.

The PSU Singers shall strive, through choral arts advocacy, to elevate choral music's position in the Palaweño community. It shall endeavour to bridge cultural differences in order to foster and promote international linkages and exchange programs. It shall, at all times, uphold the promotion of Palaweño cultural heritage throughout the country and the world.

To realize this, the PSU Singers have presented many performances and concerts in and around the Province of Palawan, featuring the vast repertoire of choir music written for varied but blending tones, ranging from a cappella songs to extended works.

July 2015 saw the choir recognized and acknowledged by international groups when they were invited to represent the Philippines in two (2) international competitions, the European Choir Games of the Grand Prix of nations in Magdeburg Germany and the Festival de Musica de Cantonigros in Barcelona Spain, wherein they won 1st place in the main event. This has indeed proven that with dedication and true passion, Palaweño talents can shine.

These achievements powered by the group’s dynamic and charming performances were also acknowledged by the City Government of Puerto Princesa. In March of 2016 they were awarded with the Mayor’s Award --- in the Culture and Arts category. An honor that continues to inspire the PSU Community.

And yet in a huge respect, this is just the beginning. Much has been said, and much more shall be said in the coming times. As such, the Palawan State University Singers shall journey on to their destiny, inspiring hope in the rest of the University and the Island Province of Palawan.

With our unwavering faith, we too shall be with them on this journey.

(Script and Voice contributed by M. Villa-Agustin, 2016)