“A premiere State University in the Southeast Asia that provides excellent and relevant Higher Education for Sustainable Development.”


“The Palawan State University is committed to upgrade the quality of life of the people by providing higher education opportunities through excellent instruction, research, extension, production services and transnational collaboration and innovations.”


“The Palawan State University is geared towards serving its stakeholders in the most honest, professional, decent, efficient and transparent means and shall always be concerned about their welfare and development as citizens of this nation.”



Persons who have issues and complaints concerning the services provided by the Palawan State University and its personnel may contact the following numbers for immediate action

Office of the University President – (048) 433-2379

Office of the VP for Academic Affairs– (048) 434-9342

Office of the VP for Finance and Administration– (048) 434-8459

Human Resources Management Office– (048) 434-9567

Office of the Dean, CAH – (048) 434-3578

Office of the Dean, CBA – (048) 433-6139

Office of the Dean, CEAT – (048) 433-8154

Office of the Dean, CNHS – (048) 434-9730

Office of the Dean, CHMT – (048) 434-1266

Office of the Dean, CTE – (048) 434-3732

Office of the Dean, CS – (048) 434-3579

Steps and Procedures for Filing a Complaint for Unsatisfactory Services
rendered by PSU Personnel

Step 1:

Write a formal complaint addressed to the University President. The complaint shall contain the following:

  • full name and address of the complainant;
  • full name and address of the person complained of as well as his position and office of employment;
  • a narration of the relevant and material facts which shows the acts or omissions allegedly committed by PSU personnel.
  • certified true copies of documentary evidence and affidavits of his witnesses, if any; and
  • certification or statement of non-forum shopping.

In the absence of any one of the aforementioned requirements, the complaint shall be dismissed.

Step 2:

Submit the letter of complaint to the Records Section of the University.

Step 3:

Await for formal action of the university within 15 days.