The Palawan State University Reserve Officer Training Corps has just recently concluded their exhibition of numerous skills at the PSU Football Field. This event was an opportunity for the PSU Cadets to showcase their abilities at the Annual General Tactical Inspection.

PSU President Dr. Jeter S. Sespeñe was very impressed with the performances of PSU.

“As I look at it, they (the PSU cadets) have all their competencies and skills. They are more active and even more participative than the previous batch,” said the President.

Also present as the keynote speaker in the event was no less than Capt. Zosimo Jimenez, Chairman of the AGTI Team and also the Deputy Commander of the Naval Reserve Command.

This is actually a good preparation for an even bigger event. A total of 8 ROTC units from all over the Philippines will be competing for the National Annual General Tactical Inspection. Last year, PSU was the first runner-up against De La Salle University. The AGTI was composed of a display of skills in the execution of the arrival honors, raids and ambush, assembly-disassembly of the M-16 rifle, first-aid and flag identification among many others. There is a point system that will be employed for each of the events and this will be a measure of how well all participants have learned their skills.

Lt. Vladhimyr Lawas, the Commandant of the PSU ROTC could not hide his elation about the ROTC Program in PSU.

“Personally I am very proud because ROTC is a kind of volunteerism and it is not required. It is here that one’s patriotism can be seen,” said the PSU Commandant.

At the moment, the PSU ROTC participants are showing indications that they have what it takes to reach the Nationals and perhaps even come out on top. Last year’s second place finish is a huge motivation for the whole squad to do better as early as this AGTI.

Even Asst. Commandant Lt. Victorio Louise Mendoza was happy about how the students performed.

“With what I have seen now, they can be better than last year,” said the hands-on Asst. Commandant who also serves as a professor at the College of Teacher Education.

The PSU ROTC Program is composed of a majority of Criminology students but there is hope that this will grow as the ROTC Program is gaining more popularity among a number of enrollees from the other courses.

With this the President himself gave some positive feedback on this matter.

“Previously we had limited enrollment but now we have more enrollees because the Criminology program of the university is now in place. We hope that we could have more men and women who could join the ROTC.”

Further to this, Lt. Mendoza has also shared some words for the PSU participants.

“My advice to our cadets is that they should not be complacent. In competitions like this, they should always expect the unexpected.”