The Palawan State University through the College of Business and Accountancy is pleased to announce its newest batch of Certified Public Accountants who have fared well in the most recent Philippine CPA Boards.

The PSU takers had a performance rating of 80%, way above the National passing percentage of 42.84%, cementing PSU’s place as being among the most notable producers of accountants in the country.

Mr. Peterwille Chua, Chair of the Department of Accountancy in the CBA recently submitted a report that contained the names of PSU Accountancy graduates who have earned their stripes as the new pride of the Palawan State University.

Here are their names:

  1. Alejandro, Leonilie Masong
  2. Atienza, Dave Alcala
  3. Buncag, Rodel Conales
  4. Baluyut, Vannyve Palatino
  5. Dimapilis, Debbie Cervancia
  6. Eleazar, Irene Gabinete
  7. Eleazar, Ruthea Mae Felizarte
  8. Gaton, Archiel Henogin
  9. Gonzales, Alyssa Julien Arciaga
  10. Malagday, Marjorie Cruzat
  11. Mana-ay, Gladys Nicanor
  12. Yap, Isachar Don Villasario