The Palawan State University now looks to the future with great optimism as it continues with the ongoing search for the 8th University President.

The search has winded down to four candidates from different backgrounds, each qualified for the position. The candidates are Rev. Fr. Eugene S. Elivera, , Dr. Nelly I. Mendoza, Dr. Gabilyn G. Orilla, and Dr. Hanlie A. Taha. Each of the candidates has held and managed different positions and offices throughout their careers. In relation to this, PSU held a Public Forum on July 18, 2016 at the Performing Arts Center, which was attended by University officials, students, faculty, staff, and representatives of different sectors, as well as guests.

The candidates took turns answering questions from a panel of selected personnel, as well as queries from the audience. The questions ranged widely from administrative issues to questions regarding student policies.

Fr. Eugene Elivera has served as the Parochial Vicar of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral Parish in Puerto Princesa City from 2001-2006, was designated as Dean of the Philosophy Department of the Seminario De San Jose from 2002 to 2004, and also served as principal, dean, and rector at the Seminario De San Jose. He has also held part-time teaching posts at PSU.

The candidates from left to right: Fr. Eugene Elivera, Dr. Nelly Mendoza, Dr. Gabilyn Orilla, and Dr. Hanlie Taha.

The forum was attended by
PSU officials and staff, faculty,
representatives from different
sectors, and students.

Dr. Nelly Mendoza, the current University Director for Budget and Finance, is also a Research Associate for the PSU Center for Strategic Policy and Governance (CSPG) unit under the Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension. Dr. Mendoza was also the Administrative Officer at the Provincial Planning and Development Office from 1991-1994, and a Training Specialist at the Department of Agriculture in Puerto Princesa City. She was also designated as the Director of the Planning and Development Office.

Currently serving as the Dean of the PSU College of Arts and Humanities, Dr. Gabilyn G. Orilla has likewise served both administrative and academic functions. She was the Campus Director for the PSU College of Community Resources and Development (CCRD) Quezon Campus from May 7, 2011-Dec. 8, 2011, and was a college instructor at the PSU College of Arts and Sciences from 1989-2008.

Dr. Hanlie Taha, the current Director of the University’s Planning and Development Office, has previously served as Dean of the PSU South Campuses. From 2013-2015, Dr. Taha was the Chairman of the PSU South Research Development Council. He has also been involved in the BIMP-EAGA initiative as the Secretary General of the BIMP-EAGA Palawan Business Council from Sep. 2012-Dec. 2014.

The public forum served as a very valuable insight as to how each candidate plans to tackle issues which PSU faces, and move the University forward in pursuit of its mission and vision.