A group of Petroleum Engineering students from the Palawan State University shocked the competition that it entered as a virtual unknown, and ended up in sweet victory, virtually solidifying the PSU’s reputation as a premiere authority in Petroleum Engineering education in Southeast Asia.


From November 3-6, 2015, a total of 24 Universities from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and China came to Universiti Teknologi Petronas in Malaysia to compete in the Oil and Gas Competition and Exhibition 2015, the second installment of what is now becoming a highly anticipated event, featuring the brightest minds in Petroleum Engineering.

The team’s coach, Prof. Julbert Odsinada was able to relay his thoughts on the much celebrated achievement.

“Preparation was the key to our success. Even when we were still here in Palawan, we had mock-ups. Looking at the other schools there, we were up against mainstream Petroleum Engineering schools, unlike PSU. They did not know us,” said Prof. Odsinada.

Engr. Melchor Jaramilla, Dean of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology was very precise in the implications of such an outcome.

“That win boosted our standing in the international scene. Congratulations to the team. You have made us all proud,” said the newly installed Dean.

Engr. Edel Bober, Chairman of the Petroleum Engineering Department also expressed his excitement over the welcome development. “These kids made sure that the school was right in supporting them. Thank you to the PSU Administration for allowing them to join in this competition,” said the Chairman.

The team composed of Carl Vangeo Datan, Joven John Cayao, Lanz Gabriel Jabla, Euler Benedict Mendoza and Romel Ramos, had many tense moments in the competition.

A week prior to this event, the PSU actually had two entries to a different competition entitled the Palentar Petrobowl wherein one of the PSU teams won as 2nd runner up. In a tale of redemption, the eventual winner of that competition, Universiti Teknologi Mara, was the very team that the PSU later on eliminated in the OGCE.

“Credit goes to the students. They were not intimidated. Their work ethic really paid off. The students also had individual reviews on their own, even staying up until 3am just to study,” shared the proud coach from the CEAT.

Following their victory, the PSU Pet-Eng. team has now received a number of verbal invitations from the schools they just contended with in the OGCE to compete in future events.