Today the PSU has once again exacted its claim as a gender sensitive institution, as it has led the way in the observance of an 18 Day Campaign to end Violence Against Women bearing this year’s theme: “Let’s end VAW now! It’s our duty!: Gains and ways forward!”.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Mary Allyson Carlos, of the Office on Women, Gender and Development was very informative to an audience which was fully represented by the different colleges in the Palawan State University, predominantly composed of students from all year levels.

“November 25 to December 12 is a period when we raise awareness among all stakeholders that VAW is a public issue of national concern. This is the commitment of our government to end all forms of VAW,” said the OWGD Director, without failing to emphasize the goal “to end” Violence Against Women with its different effects --- physical, socio-economic and psychological effects of VAW were named as only several among many others.

For two years running, today, November 25 is celebrated as the National Consciousness Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children. December 10 is widely known as International Human Rights Day, acknowledging VAW as a violation of human rights as well. December 12 is currently recognized as a significant date when no less than the United Nations began a protocol against trafficking of persons, which proponents in the Philippines likewise view as a form of VAW. This is the premise for the observance of the 18 Day Campaign.

While much has been said about Violence Against Women, clearly there is a need for awareness to be maintained. In the website of the Philippine Commission on Women, many activities are slated to happen in multiple venues in the Philippines for the duration of the 18 Day campaign and they can be viewed here, together with more critical information regarding VAW. As for Palawan as a whole, PSU remains to be the most aggressive unit in the whole province in as far as Anti-VAW advocacies are concerned.

The PCW website further explains the theme for 2015: “The expected change in leadership at the national and local levels by mid-2016, makes this year’s campaign a fitting time for duty-bearers and advocates to reflect and take stock of milestones and accomplishments in the last five years (gains), continue looking forward to our vision of a VAW-free community, and identify concrete / actionable steps towards reaching that vision (ways forward).”

As always, the PSU shall not think twice of immediately doing its share in this effort.