Last February 29, 2016, a whole day forum was spearheaded by the PSU Museum with the aim of providing researchers and students with updates on the relationship of the IPRA Law to Research and Extension works.

During the forum, Atty. Josefina Rodriguez-Agusti NCIP Legal Division discussed the Indigenous People’s Rights Act. The objective of the forum is to advocate the rights of the Indigenous People and to spread to the participants the learning experiences and added insights of the various researches conducted.

The said forum was attended by around 80 participants. Among the participants were College Coordinators for Research and Extension, Community Organizers of the Puerto Princesa Underground Rivers Park, 4th year Students of Philippine Studies and 4th Year Students of Political Science.

Among the topics discussed were Free and Prior Informed Consent, Rights of Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples to Ancestral Domains, right to self-governance and empowerment, social justice, human rights and cultural integrity.

(D. delos Reyes, 2016)