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The ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation (ALKFI) through its Bantay Kalikasan arm has touched base with the Palawan State University’s Center for Strategic Policy and Governance in a move to promote efforts to sustain environmental advocacies in the Philippines. This time, ABS-CBN has chosen to use training and development as the means to achieve this.

Select personnel from the Palawan State University participated in a training program that will enable the participants who are mainly composed of representatives from PSU-CSPG on matters of Economic Valuation. The program was officially opened by no less than CSPG Director Engr. Maria Rosario Aynon A. Gonzales. The training was held on November 5-7, 2014.

In her opening remarks, she clearly underscored a striking issue that industry experts face today.

“There is a lack of faculty interest in Economic Valuation. This is critical in discussing issues like climate change and adverse mining practices. We need to be more involved and aware of Economic Valuation of Resources. For instance, when we think in terms of the EV of a single tree, we must not fail to consider the environmental implication in terms of how much carbon dioxide this tree turns into oxygen,” Engr. Aynon said.

Introduced as the guest speaker for the event was Ms. Kathleen R. Cabal, the Advocacy Manager for Bantay Kalikasan under the ALKFI. In reference to an earlier engagement that she had with Palawan State University President Dr. Jeter S. Sespeñe, she shared, “President Sespeñe has expressed his wholehearted support for our Economic Valuation services.”

Asked on the importance of EV services, Ms. Cabal keenly pointed out that as stewards of the environment, we cannot protect and value what we do not know about. As such, Economic Valuation in the proper sense allows us to know more completely about the environment and how this affects everyone else on the planet.

Participants of the event also visited key locations in Palawan to further learn about the province’s resources within the framework of Economic Valuation.

(M. Villa-Agustin, 2014)