The PSU has just recently concluded its 13th Job Fair themed “Career Opportunities in the ASEAN Integration”. This witnessed a very huge participation from among job-seeking recent graduates of the Palawan State University.

No less than PSU President Dr. Jeter S. Sespeñe expressed his astonishment at the success of this job fair, which is the first one to have been held outside of the PSU grounds.

“I was very happy to see the turnout at the Job Fair at Robinson’s. It is good for our graduates to be exposed to this kind of activity so they may improve their chances of getting hired by the top companies out there,” said the President.

The activity is a result of excellent planning and preparation on the part of Dr. Grace Abrina of the Office of Student Affairs. Two days earlier, on February 18, there was a Career Day held at the Skylight Hotel which was attended by the graduates where they were given an extensive orientation on how to empower themselves for the Job Fair that just transpired. A total of 1200 graduates were trained on matters that aimed to improve their culture as professionals and this included proper resume writing and proper dressing up for job interviews. In line with Gender and Development mainstreaming in PSU, they were also given information on GAD sensibilities in the workplace.

On February 20, 2015, the graduates showed up and there were many indications that they learned a lot on Career Day. Even before the Robinson’s Mall in Puerto Princesa opened, they were already lined up and dressed up sharply and very prepared to make good impressions on the participating companies.

Dr. Abrina shared, “This is good for the school. It was a huge success despite the fact that it was done outside for the first time. Looking at how our graduates dressed up and how they wrote their resumes, I am very impressed. I am also happy that the turnout was big. A total of 800 graduates and 62 companies attended. This was truly more than what we had expected.”

Based on this Job Fair’s theme, the PSU is clearly gearing itself towards the ASEAN Integration, which is expected to affect the PSU, especially the quality of its graduates.

This early, the school community is already looking forward to the next job fair and there are even plans to turn this into a two-day event in the future, so as to cater to a bigger number of job-seekers and companies who are sure to participate, especially after the success of this freshly concluded 13th Job Fair.