NSTP Implementers from all over the region came to Puerto Princesa to attend the highly anticipated Trainors’ Training at the Asturias Hotel.

Sponsored by the Dangerous Drugs Board, the event was presided over by Dr. Carmelo Vidal, Secretary of the Philippine Society of NSTP Educators and Implementors.

This particular training in Palawan is one of the legs of a much wider drug education forum, a series of trainings that are aimed to increase awareness of the issue on prohibited drug use.

Dr. Vidal said, “It is the intention of PSNEI to equip our facilitators, educators and implementers to come up with a very good design of the delivery of this particular module on drug education.”

This program actually began two years ago, wherein they have steadily covered ground by conducting the training one region at a time across the whole country. This has been opened to all NSTP implementers, both from the public and private sectors.

To contextualize the issue of prohibited drug use, Dr. Vidal bared, “The Philippines is considered as a major transshipment point of drugs. This makes it easy for drug peddlers to have drugs transported through our water system because the Philippines is an archipelago.”

Underscoring the importance of the Higher Education Institutions, through their NSTP in school, Dr. Vidal added that” HEIs are one of the targets of drug traffickers considering that there is money among college students. They are easy prey to these societal ills. We would also like to arm our schools by turning these institutions into a potent force in the fight against drugs.”

The PSNEI for its part has embraced its critical role in the success of drug use awareness by acknowledging that if these concerns of young people are not addressed, it will eventually weaken society because they form part of the family.

Both the PSNEI and the Palawan State University agree that it is important for this program to be intensified to achieve a better future ahead for the entire nation.

As a parting shot, Dr Vidal said, “We would like to thank PSU and President Sespeñe for being so generous and supportive of this kind of initiative. We invite the whole PSU family to be with us and be part of this nationwide action against drugs by raising the level of awareness of our people, especially the young ones.”

(M. Villa-Agustin, 2015)