In a rare opportunity, the Palawan State University hosted this year’s Science Consortium where the guests were treated to a very warm and memorable PSU brand of hospitality.

The Science Consortium was attended by a total of 19 Presidents along with their representatives specialized in the Sciences coming from various State Colleges and Universities all over the Philippines. President Jeter S. Sespeñe himself is very happy about what transpired.

Here in the Philippines, most academicians are very concerned with the need to improve on the Sciences. For SUCs to come together for an event such as the PSC, many things can be achieved.

“With the conglomeration of SUCs into a Philippine Science Consortium, we can strengthen the capability and the consciousness of every student on how they could improve their competencies in terms of science education,” said the President.

He also pointed out that “all the SUCs are relatively visible in countryside development. With this there are a lot of raw materials available for harnessing science interests for innovation, even strengthening the research and development in this area.”

With the participants in the consortium coming from different parts of the Philippines, the PSU took the opportunity to do its part in promoting the province of Palawan as it has always been in the school’s interest to boost tourism for Palawenyos. This was happily received by the SUC Presidents as a welcome respite in their busy schedules. The PSU has indeed earned a lot of goodwill in this Science Consortium.

PSU has proven to be very active in the overall affairs of the PSC. President Sespeñe himself was designated to preside over the meeting of the Council of Presidents. He is also aware of how activities that bring together leaders of educational institutions can be a huge way to prepare for the future, particularly with regard to highly anticipated activities in the ASEAN.

He adds, “I am happy that we are quite very active in doing and sharing our part, because as we all know, ASEAN Integration is not only business but science technology innovation as well as. There are big prospects ahead. Imagine if the 113 SUCs work together, we will all surely go a long way.”