The Palawan State University headed by the Human Resources Department has just initiated a key preparation that is aimed to significantly boost performance and productivity within the school.

Prof. Gil Bundac, Head of PSU Human Resources elaborated further on today’s activity which is centered on a training for PSU Heads of Department to be refreshed on the most recent advancements in the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) implemented by the Civil Service Commission.

He shares, “This is a kind of system where the efficiency of an employee is being observed and measured. Currently, the evaluation system that we use here at PSU is not up to date. What we have today is the newest system that will be used.”

The practice of using strategic performance management systems has long been a reality among many public and private institutions as this technology brings them closer to their goal of finding a way to accurately measure an employee’s performance.

Prof. Bundac explined what makes this new method advantageous to the needs of PSU.

“This SPMS is very objective. You will see the actual performance, efficiency, timeliness and the quality of work done by an individual employee. Here we are able to eliminate any form of subjectivity that is usually present in the evaluation of employees. In the past, this has always been an issue. With this new tool, we are doing away with many undefined functions that used to get in the way of evaluation,” he said.

Part of what makes this new system work well is that it offers clear indicators that can tell if one task is done or not. Another more noteworthy characteristic of this which the PSU can look forward to is that it is not simply a performance management system whose process ends at diagnosing issues. The more valuable part of its process is that it has an intervening function. It offers ways to address issues after these are identified. The system allows for a continual process of improvement on the part of the PSU employee.

The implementation of this system will begin in the administration but eventually it will be cascaded to the faculty. It is in the hope of PSU Human Resources Department that before the end of November, this system will be fully implemented in all offices within the Palawan State University.