The Palawan State University once again takes great pride as graduates from the College of Teacher Education (CTE) and College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE) showed highly satisfactory results in the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) and Criminologist Licensure Examination.

The LET passers scored a 100.00% passing rate for April 2015 exam- takers and a 79.49% passing rate for first-time takers for Bachelor of Elementary Education, and a 98.30% passing rate for April 2015 exam-takers and a 71.15% passing rate for first- time Takers for Bachelor of Secondary Education. Meanwhile, the CCJE was responsible in keeping PSU at the top in Region IV-B with a passing rate of 85.71%.

CTE Dean Dr. Daisy Grace Antonio attributes the success of the LET passers to the dedication that CTE students devote to their studies, schoolwork, and learning. PSU is recognized as a Center of Excellence for Teacher Education in Region IV. The Palawan State University also eclipses ten other State universities and colleges for its performance in the Criminology Licensure examinations in Region IV-B.

Dr. Lorna Gelito, PSU Vice President for Academic Affairs, noted the significance of PSU’s continued performance in licensure exams and how this reflects on the University as a whole. According to her, the passing rates are indicative of the quality of education that students receive in the University, and help PSU ultimately achieve its mission and vision in the long run.

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