It was business as usual at the PSU grounds for University Engineer Allan U. Vargas together with some workers from the PMO were busy with the construction efforts that are expected to improve the flagpole area in front of the PSU Administration Building in Tiniguiban.

“We aim to complete the landscaping by June but we decided to prioritize this concrete pavement in time for June, especially for the coming 50th Anniversary of the Palawan State University.” said Engr. Vargas.

The Palawan State University is in a period wherein a number of conscientiously planned infrastructure projects are steadily being realized. When asked about what the community can expect in the near future, the University engineer said, “There are many projects in our pipeline. We shall soon be working on the Admin Annex (10M), Science and Technology Bldg. (26M), CHMT in front of the PAC (9.5M). Other buildings in the CCRDs.”

There have been challenges in the realization of these new buildings and structures in PSU but the Administration remains undaunted. Generally, the speed of construction is in a more than acceptable pace.

To add to this, Engr. Vargas shares, “So far, we have only 2 projects remaining for 2015. We are confident that this will be completed as planned. In fact, this coming August we can already start planning out the projects for 2016.”

It is no secret that President Jeter S. Sespeñe has issued a directive to ensure that the infrastructure projects lined up within the PSU that would make the campus more equipped to serve and educate its now 24,000 strong students. One building that is slowly but surely gaining attention is the library, which is expected to be named after the late Dr. Teresita L. Salva, former President and well-loved figurehead of the Palawan State University, being the leader of the PSU for the most number of years in the history of the institution.

The University aims to unveil the future iconic structure of PSU within the month of June as well.