Members of the Palawan State University’s faculty and staff took part in a Personality Development Seminar, held by the University as part of its 2017 Faculty and Staff Conference, which aims to equip and update participants with the proper skills and know-how in preparing for the upcoming school year.

The guest speaker for the activity was Dr. Mary Allyson Carlos, former head of the PSU Office on Gender and Women. Dr. Carlos’ lecture gave participants valuable insights in developing their confidence and personality in order to properly present themselves both as educators and professionals. She also highlighted several aspects necessary in personality development.

Dr. Carlos also discussed the importance of expressing oneself in a manner which is appropriate and befitting of a University lecturer, and how actions and words can positively or negatively affect persons and circumstances in their environment.

Through this activity, the University hopes to properly inform and educate its faculty and staff in order for them to provide excellent services to PSU’s students and its stakeholders. - PSU Barita