The College of Hospitality Management and Tourism is one in celebrating with ABS-CBN Foundation’s Bantay Kalikasan for winning the Public Responsibility Award in the recently held 13th Lopez Achievement Awards held at the ABS-CBN Compound on October 15, 2015. This recognition was given in light of the success of the entry “Ugong Rock: From Poverty to Prosperity”, which became fruitful through the cooperation of the PSU CHMT in the said program.

 The PSU CHMT played a key role in empowering the community, sharing with them the appropriate know-how in community based tourism in order to manage the Ugong Rock as a tourist attraction, now hugely patronized for the rare experience of zip-lining and spelunking activities offered to tourists.

Ugong Rock in Palawan is actually a natural formation of limestone from the Neolithic Age. It has taken a huge effort for it to become one of the most popular destinations in Palawan today, much thanks to the ABS-CBN Bantay Kalikasan, the Department of Tourism, the City Government of Puerto Princesa and several other enabling entities in Palawan. The site started off as a natural structure whose potential caught the attention of creative and enterprising minds. Soon enough, a plan was put in place to develop Ugong Rock as an ecotourism site.

It has not been an easy journey from where it started, but with this potential as a starting point, it has also become an opportunity for the community in Ugong Rock to benefit from this as a tourist destination.

The Lopez Achievement Awards is one of the most prestigious awarding bodies today, with the LAA’s aim to “recognize and reward outstanding team or individual achievements that are exemplary in nature, contribute to business objectives and exemplify the Lopez Group values”, as shared in the website of the Lopez Holding Corp.