On Friday, February 20, 2015, the Palawan State University College of Engineering Architecture and Technology shall be hosting the third edition of the Integrated University Program of HGST Philippines Corporation, a Western Digital company, in a highly anticipated national convention that aims to benefit students from all over the Philippines who will eventually enter many industries in Science, Engineering and Technology in the near future.

With Palawan State University being chosen as the host for this year’s edition of the IUP, this comes very timely as PSU is celebrating its 50th Golden Jubilee Year, declaring 2015 as a year-round celebration of excellence. PSU President Jeter S. Sespeñe, a figure known to have a penchant for advancing the capabilities of both teaching and non-teaching personnel in the PSU, is very happy to know that students likewise enjoy the opportunity to advance their capabilities through programs such as this one.

“Nothing makes me happier than to be reassured that our students are given the chance to be exposed to the more relevant applications of technology through the IUP. This goes to show that PSU students have the competency to cope with the demands of the industry,” said the President.

Preparing for the next generation of industrial needs consists in enabling the future labor force in the persona of students currently undertaking their bachelor’s degrees so that when they enter their own fields after graduation, they are more prepared to produce competitive and relevant output. This has various positive implications on a wide array of production concerns in the future especially when many aspects of production get more and more industrialized.

The concept is simple. In collaboration with the Commission on Higher Education, HGST Philippines Corporation, through its Integrated University Program selects State Colleges and Universities to partner with. From its end, Western Digital donates some laboratory equipment to their partner schools. The students in turn make use of the equipment as materials to come up with research based outputs. This provides a gold mine of knowledge that the students can use to further their talent and exercise their skills.

HGST Philippines Corporation has zeroed in on a critical barrier to general productivity. Many graduates from both private and state owned schools have to face issues which they are not prepared for, precisely because they are lacking in the depth of exposure to certain scenarios which are not normally simulated in their learnings inside the classroom. Often, companies belonging to the same scale as Western Digital have turned to training and retraining to address this gap in competency. This has profound consequences on a company’s overall performance because productivity is delayed and moreover, training also entails added and often unexpected costs.

The HGST Philippines Integrated University Program provides for a win-win situation wherein students get the chance to advance their skills and at the same time, industry leading companies are assured of graduates who are more enabled to face the most recent developments in technology, making them fit to represent huge institutions such as Western Digital Philippines Corporation.