Indicative of the Palawan State University’s continued progress, the PSU Library Staff headed by PSU Librarian Prof. Lourdes Salvador is pursuing a technological shift in its operations. They have started undergoing a training and onboarding process conducted by Electronic Information Solutions Inc., the exclusive local distributor of a state of the art online cataloguing system named Destiny Library Manager by Follet Software.

Prof. Salvador has shared her thoughts on this new development.

“This technology spells good news for PSU. With this kind of technology, students can spend more time reading the specific books that they need because they do not have to spend too much time sifting through card catalogues. Finding the right book should only take a few seconds to search online.”

Destiny is a system which is designed to make life easier for those who may wish to do research in the library. The traditional way of doing research is through the manual cataloguing system. If one wants to access a book, the cataloguing system is a necessary part of the research process. This is highly prone to human error and external factors such as the loss of hard printed information in the form of cards. There is also a challenge in terms of monitoring of the physical condition of books as well as their loan status.

With Destiny, the PSU library shall be armed with a wide set of automated tools that will ensure ease of access and accurate monitoring in all aspects of library operations and tasks. This software is also being employed by many top universities all over the Philippines such as Far Eastern University, Centro Escolar University, University of the East, Philippine Normal University, Bukidnon State University, Benguet State University, San Beda College, and De La Salle University. This is a very good indication that the Palawan State University is on the right track towards empowering its students’ knowledge through better information access, especially as the PSU will soon have a new building that will be solely dedicated to the library. While the new library building is still under construction, this is one of PSU President Dr. Jeter S. Sespeñe’s biggest achievements in his leadership.

In conclusion, the University Librarian said, “The first time we met with President Sespeñe, he promised us that we will have a new library. He has kept his promise and so in turn, we want to improve the library operations through the use of new technology. There is one thing common among the top universities here in the Philippines and abroad. They all have libraries with an automated online access cataloguing system. Now that it is already being adopted by the PSU library, this is a good sign in preparation for the ASEAN Integration. ”

Right now, the focus of the library is the enablement and training of the respective staff so that the whole team is highly knowledgeable when this technology becomes fully implemented in the future. Soon, this will also be included in the existing policies of the library, which shall be discussed in the next scheduled internal meeting within the university library staff body.