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Literally sounding off the formal beginning of the 18-Day campaign to end Violence Against Women and Children, members of the Palawan State University gathered around the PAC to form a parade that marched until the PSU marker. To show oneness against VAW, the community of supporters, headed by GAD office Director Dr. Mary Allyson Carlos, was clad in the traditional orange color symbolic of a unified PSU.

“People need to be more aware of Violence Against Women. Women, especially in the rural areas of our country are trapped in a submissive mentality which has been the subject of abuse. Here at PSU, bringing awareness in the community is one of the ways by which we choose to empower the Filipina,” said Dr. Carlos on the opening day of the campaign.

Dr. Michael Pido (VPRE) and Prof. Marilyn Pablico (VPFA) were among the notable personalities from the different units within the school who participated in the event that was arranged in order to bring attention to a growing incidence of violation against women in the country today.

Whistles were blown by the mass of supporters as a loud statement that signaled the start of the campaign but by no means did this indicate that the fight for women who are the victims of violence will come to an end soon.

In addressing the community, Dr. Carlos said, “There must be a collective effort in fighting Violence Against Women. All of us --- women, mothers, daughters, even the men in our lives, in our families and in our community are part of this fight. There is no better way but for us to be unified towards this advocacy.”