The Office on Women, Gender and Development under the guidance of Dr. Mary Allyson Carlos has remained vigilant in its pursuit to promote gender equality and rights throughout the Palawan State University’s many different sectors.

Dr. Mary Allyson Carlos speaks to PSU students during one of the seminars.

The office held talks on bullying at the PSU Laboratory Elementary School on January 28, 2016, followed by sessions conducted at the PSU Laboratory High School.

The OWGAD Team conducted several Gender Sensitivity seminars in the PSU CCRD campuses including Rizal, Bataraza, Española, Brooke’s Point, Coron, Taytay, and El Nido throughout February.

Orientation seminars were also conducted at the College of Sciences, College of Criminal Justice Education, College of Hospitality Management and Tourism, and the College of Business and Accountancy, on HIV/AIDS and other diseases afflicting women.

The office also held an orientation program on Gender and Development on March 8 with members of women’s group GABRIELA.

The OWGAD also coordinated with PSU’s adminsitrative departments, conducting gender sensitivity training with the PSU Cashier’s Office on April 30- May 1, 2016, and on May 28 and 29 with personnel from the Office of the University President, ICT Office, and PSU Library.


Dr. Mary Allyson Carlos speaks to PSU students during one of the seminars.

According to Dr. Carlos, reception to the unit’s activities has been positive and encouraging. She stressed the importance of public awareness pertaining to women’s rights and laws pertaining to their protection, and how such awareness can impact the community as a whole.

She adds that the OWGAD team will continue conducting such activities all year long, for the benefit of the PSU community.

(top to bottom) The PSU OWGAD Team spoke to several PSU campuses and departments on gender equality, women’s rights, and health concerns.