One of the perks of being a student of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, especially for the petroleum engineering students, is the actuality of being close and seeing the nice and relaxing view of the ocean at different times of the day. It is a hidden area that has potential for future plans and additional perks for the college and its students. The college believes that an action must be done for the cleanliness and development of this spot, which holds a potential asset for the college and a latent range for future projects.

With the help of CEAT Dean, Engr. Melchor E. Jaramilla and staff, the students of College of Engineering NSTP 2 together with their Instructors gathered together and conducted a 3-hour Oplan Linis last January 31. 2016 in the said area. This activity has been made possible with the collaboration of the Dean, the staff of the college and the NSTP office. The college also requested the aide of the City Solid Waste office in the collection of the garbage represented by Mr. John Andrew Russell, Executive Assistant for Program Management of the City Solid Waste Office.

“The benefit of the Oplan Linis is mainly on the students themselves. The area that they put efforts into in making it a conducive place will serve to the CEAT students as something to remember whatever the plan will be decided for the place,” says Mr. Firash Zhed Ututalum, CEAT-NSTP student president.

Future plans for the said area are still being discussed.

(J. Gaddi, 2016)