On March 11, 2015, the Muslim Student Association has chosen to celebrate Hijab Day entitled “It’s More Fun in Hijab”, the first time in history that this has been held in PSU. With this the MSA, a duly accredited University based organization in PSU, has offered the community a chance to gain more knowledge about Islamic ideals when they celebrated Hijab Day on the PSU grounds.

The main purpose for the Hijab Day Celebration is to promote some sensibilities about the Muslim faith. This is all part of a much bigger information drive that this particular student association is trying to build.

MSA acting Adviser Ms. Habiba Taludyog, also a professor of Accounting at the PSU College of Business and Accountancy, offered some information to enlighten everyone about the said event.

“The stereotype is that if you are all covered up, you are oppressed and segregated from the majority. We want the world to know that we do this because this is what our God teaches us,” she said.

The Hijab is a veil that covers the head and chest. This is particularly worn by Muslim women who reach post-puberty when they are in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family. One of the biggest criticisms thrown at the Hijab is that it shows how women are being made to do things against their will. Apparently, there are even some outsiders who view this as a sign that women in Muslim cultures are not treated fairly.

Ms. Taludyog shared that this was far from the truth and continued to explain, “We want to show that we were not forced into this and that it is our choice to follow our God.”

In line with their information drive, the MSA set up a booth which showcased some materials aimed to educate the community. The most patronized among these were the wearing of the Hijab and Abaya which were offered to anyone who wished to experience wearing them for a full day. Many of those who partook of this also used this for some meaningful picture taking.