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Striving to connect with the community and the local government, the Palawan State University through its National Service Training Program invited Puerto Princesa Mayor Lucilo Bayron to speak the PSU community on October 2, 2014. The program was held at the PSU Gymnasium and was attended by PSU officials, faculty, students, and staff.

The program was centered on a presentation by Mayor Bayron regarding current and future projects that the City Government plans to undertake.

In his presentation, the Mayor gave an outline on the current state of tourism in the city, particularly its function to bring in income for the city and to provide jobs for citizens. Mayor Bayron showcased some of the improvements made to make Puerto Princesa more attractive to tourists, such as light fixtures on trees along the highway and major streets, and future plans to erect an “Ocean Park” in the southern part of Puerto Princesa. He also added that Mendoza Park, which lies in the center of the city, would be remodeled as well.

 The Mayor admitted that problems and issues arose in the pursuance of certain projects, such as previous unpaid debts on behalf of the city, but stated that the city government would be taking measures to reduce unnecessary spending to better manage funds. With regards to education, Mayor Bayron remarked that the government would continue to support programs that would render benefits for under-privileged students in cooperation with schools, PSU being no exception.

An open forum was then held to allow questions from the audience, especially the students. In closing, Vice- President for Academic Affairs Lorna Gelito said that the University would continue working with the Puerto Princesa City Government to continuously promote tourism and provide education for the youth of the city.

PSU President Jeter Sespeñe was likewise appreciative of the cooperation of the city government in its transparency towards the public, particularly in P