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The Palawan State University’s ICT Department under the Direction of Mr. Venzon Limpiada unveiled a working demo of PSU’s new website. The demonstration was held on October 16, 2014 at the PSU Internet Hub.

The ICT department invited PSU department heads, faculty, and staff to attend the unveiling, which saw a working beta-version of the new website.

Aside from a new look, the new website incorporates more information and visual media compared to the old website used by the University.

According to Mr. Limpiada, it is important that participants to the presentation were able to view the new website, thus allowing them to evaluate and provide suggestions with regards to the site’s content and structure. He also noted that the ICT Department will be noting down such suggestions in order to modify and improve the website to better suit the public when it is finally launched. “We will appreciate any suggestions they may have so we can better develop our new University website,” he remarked.