Graduates at the 2016 PSU Commencement Ceremonies were very fortunate enough to listen to the message of guest speaker Howie Severino, as the esteemed journalist gave his audience a brief but meaningful speech at the event.

A veteran reporter and seasoned investigative journalist, Mr. Severino exclaimed how he finds Palawan as a natural paradise that greatly contrasts some of the more urbanized areas of the Philippines. He described it as a “land of opportunity”, which parallels the situation that the PSU graduates now face.

He encouraged the graduates to internalize and know the kind of individual they aim to be, and in doing so will have a clearer perspective of their goals in life.

Left to right: Dr. Lorna Gelito, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Howie Severino, Dr. Michael Pido, Vice President for Research and Extension, and Prof. Marilyn Pablico, Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Mr. Severino also highlighted the importance of the decisions one should make, telling the graduates that the consequences of their decisions will greatly impact the long-lasting effect that this current generation will have in the country in the long run. He also added that previous generations now await the choices that the young people of today will make, noting how empowered today’s youth are.

According to Dr. Lorna Gelito, the University is greatly honored in having an influential individual such as Mr. Severino impart his ideology and insights with the PSU community.