The College of Nursing and Health Sciences in Palawan State University is welcoming a number of students and faculty from the Global Korean Nursing Foundation today. This visit is in line with the 2015 Philippine Nursing Students Overseas Training Program Collaboration.

Dean Sonia D. Ygloria expressed her appreciation of the fortunate turn of events that has led to the selection of PSU as the GKNF’s only stop in the Philippines.

“Palawan State University is the only university in the Philippines they are going to visit. It is indeed a great opportunity for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences to have an international linkage like this in preparation for the 2015 ASEAN Integration,” said the Dean of the CNHS.

The main purpose of this visit is for the GKNF to collaborate with PSU in the Global Leadership Program to help develop the Nursing students of each institution into cosmopolitan nurses through the exchange of students and to increase the students understanding of nursing programs and the current state of health care in the province.

Both the PSU-CNHS and the GKNF are looking forward to a long term partnership and there is mutual hope for the prospect of an official agreement to be made in the future.