The Palawan State University has once again shown its enthusiasm to get back into action as another school year approaches. This goes hand in hand with the PSU’s commitment to serve the community by extending the opportunity to educate working professionals who may wish to pursue their Bachelor’s degrees from the PSU, thus enabling them to be more qualified as they build their careers.

 Dr. Ramon Docto, Director of the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program as very pleased to announce today’s event which is critical to the success of the ETEEAP in Palawan, The Assessor’s Training and Seminar.

He said, “I am very happy that we are starting the year right. Today we are forming a team of competent assessors and tutor to teach under the ETEEAP. This is crucial because they will assess the qualifications of the students who may wish to enroll in PSU.”

Typically, assessors need to look out for values, skills, knowledge and other fields of education, in consideration of the documents submitted by the applicants. This includes the formal education (traditional college education) and the non-formal education (knowledge gained from trainings and seminars attended) and informal education (knowledge gained from the work place). This set of qualifications may then be credited as subjects that students may no longer need to take as part of their curriculum.

For today’s Training Program, a total of 25 participants have attended. The ETEEAP in PSU already has an existing team of qualified individuals who are designated assessors. Several others have been invited to join and they hail from different campuses like Narra, San Vicente and Quezon. This allows the PSU to offer a more far-reaching opportunity for those students who may wish to partake in the program so that when they apply from any of those places, they can already be assessed before they go to Puerto Princesa to enroll in their preferred course.

Dr. Docto said, “I thank the administration of PSU especially President Sespeñe and Vice President Lorna Gelito for the support that they have given to us for a very long time now.”

Asked about the future of the ETEEAP in PSU, Dr. Docto bared that the PSU is “looking at increasing the number of enrollees and also the number of programs.”

“This year we are targeting MA in Public Adminisration and other programs such as BS in Tourism and BS in Hospitality Management,” Dr. Docto further stated.

The ETEEAP is very considerate of working professionals who have yet to earn their Bachelor’s degrees. Since they are professionals who are already in the middle of their practice, the program offers several conveniences such as flexible time in the conduct of their classes, online management of requirements as necessary, and other such conveniences like the ease of enrolment, even allowing them to enroll outside of the normal enrollment season which allows ETEEAP enrollees to avoid the hustle and bustle during regular enrollment which usually takes place in June and November.

As a parting shot, Dr. Docto said, “The Palawan State University through the ETEEAP is extending its invitation everyone. If you have relatives or friends who might not know about this golden opportunity, please let them know. This program is under Executive Order 330. I would like to invite the interested parties to join and avail of this privilege of earning a degree through the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program.”

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