In a very meaningful gesture, the Department of Energy shared critical information to select students of the Palawan State University College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology as part of a nationwide Information and Education Campaign discussing RA 9136.

This is otherwise known as the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) of 2001, which embodies two major reforms namely the restructuring of the electricity supply industry to pave the way to Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) and the privatization of the National Power Corporation.

Engr. Jezreel Tuquero of the the PSU-CEAT elaborated further on the importance of the event, as it is a rare chance for the students to be educated by no less than the industry experts from the Department of Energy.

“This activity is an Information and Education Campaign. This is not well known to the general population, even amongst our engineering students because this is not often encountered in class,” said Engr. Tuquero.

In the PSU, the event was warmly welcomed by the school community, especially the engineering students who participated, as they are expected to build their careers in the field of energy production in the future. It was explicitly stated in a number of objectives of the DOE that the IEC aims to “inform the academe’s role in a competitive power sector environment”, “provide the necessary knowledge and information to increase the academe sector’s readiness and familiarity with the rules, regulations, procedures, systems and processes in the power sector reforms”, and finally “enlist the active participation of the academe sector in contributing to the successful implementation of the EPIRA and other electric power industry policies”.

Early on, many have shown interest in this IEC particularly because the issue of power is still fresh in the minds of the community members of the province of Palawan which has encountered some energy related challenges in the past few months.

Engr. Tuquero added further, “Today, the issue on power is very significant so this is a very timely discussion. The PSU is proud to host such a rare and critical event. We thank the DOE for sponsoring this. In my recollection, this is the first time that such an event is happening in PSU. This is well in line with our Golden Anniversary Celebration this 2015 as we celebrate 50 years of PSU.