The Palawan State University College of Criminal Justice Education is in celebration of a huge victory once again by being recognized as the Top Performing school in Palawan in the recently concluded awarding of participants in the Criminology Board Examinations of the Professional Regulatory Comission.

No less than Palawan State University President Jeter S. Sespeñe was there to personally receive the latest accolade awarded to the school, given at the Sienatel in Puerto Princesa City. Savoring the precious moment, the President heartily stated, “It feels good to be number one. Congratulations to the students and faculty of the CCJE.”

All participating schools in the province attended the event that was sanctioned by the Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines.

Dr. Vilma Venus Andoy, Dean of the PSU College of Criminal Justice Education was especially high in spirits after this achievement and she is not one to withhold her happiness.

“We showed how good PSU is despite the fact that this is the very first time that we have joined the board exams. We worked very hard to prepare our participants and now we are the top performing school in Palawan,” the reputed hands-on school official shared.

Asked further about the winning formula that helped achieve outstanding results, Dean Andoy bared that the aspiring Criminologists were prepared by “making use of a stringent standard of education that closely resembled, if not exceeded, the standards at the national level.” She also revealed that the student examinees were diligent in reading for 12-14 hours a day in rigorous preparation for the test.

To contextualize how huge the accomplishment is, Dr. Andoy also pointed out some very noteworthy information that everyone at the Palawan State University should know.

“For any school to be ranked at the national level, the representing participants should reach 50 examinees. PSU was able to send 41 in this year’s edition of the board exams. Considering the passing rate of 90.24% that was garnered, PSU would have made it to the Top 5 in the country. Surely, this achievement is a step in the direction of the culture of academic excellence that President Sespeñe has strived to instill in the Palawan State University.”

With the kind of dedication demonstrated by the students and faculty of the CCJE, the PSU is hopeful that this feat is not far from happening in the future.

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