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The Center for Strategic Policy and Governance hosted the project briefing for the Transnational Seafood Commodity Chains and the Coastal Poor in the Maritime Frontiers of the Asia-Pacific project on August 18-19 2014 at the PSU Hostel.

Prof. Marilyn Pablico, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Dr. Eva Jimenez, OIC-Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Marie Jardinico, CBA Dean, Engr. Nena Zara, CEAT Dean, Prof. Sonia Bonagua, CS Dean, Dr. Frances Muriel Tuquero, Extension Director, and Dr. Daphne Mallari, URO Director, were present during the event. Also present were CSPG staff, OVPRE personnel, and CCRD-San Vicente faculty members.

The said Australian Research Council (ARC)- funded project is a research collaboration between PSU, through the CSPG, and Dr. Michael Fabinyi from the James Cook University. Dr. Fabinyi along with his partner investigators, Dr. Wolfram Dressler from the University of Melbourne and Dr. Michael Pido, PSU VP for Research and Extension, discussed the goals and aims of the project. Dr. Fabinyi explained that the year-long research aims to understand the social mechanisms by which access to the benefits of transnational seafood commodity chains in the Asia-Pacific are gained, maintained, and controlled. He further explained that the research will use a conceptual framework that focuses on key social relations of gender, class and ethnicity, and the key societal changes of land-use change, migration, and conservation.Meanwhile, Dr. Dressler fielded questions regarding the conduct of the initial field work set on 20 – 29 August 2014.

The areas that were identified as research sites were the Municipality of San Jose in Occidental Mindoro, the Municipality of Bongabong in Oriental Mindoro, and the Municipality of San Vicente in Palawan. A fourth research site in Palawan is yet to be identified.

During the project briefing, Prof. Hermenegildo Dela Peña, UIPO Director, and Ms. Eva Marie Ponce de Leon presented an overview of a similar research study on seafood trade that they conducted in San Vicente, Palawan to give the principal investigators an idea of what to expect in San Vicente.

(Article written and contributed by the CSPG Office)