Congressman Roman Romulo, highly touted as one of the most promising Filipino politicians today was the honored guest in PSU Intramurals 2015. While the PSU Intrams has always been a blockbuster success year in and year out, this intramurals was made extra special, thanks to some good news disclosed by the good Congressman.

“Sa ating mga estudyante, matapos itong buong lingo, sana pag uwi ninyo ay dala ninyo ang napakagandang alaala pero sana rin di po ninyo kakalimutan ang ating mga bagong batas tungkol sa edukasyon,” he said as he invited suspense.

The Congressman from Pasig City was actually referring to the Iskolar ng Bayan law, which states that the top 10 graduates from each public high school in the Philippines is automatically considered a scholar of the government in any Philippine state university.

Something valuable is also in store for the other students who might not make it as high as the top 10. As shared by Cong. Romulo, there is a new bill that brings hope to college students who are able to achieve a passing grade but cannot manage to pay for their tuition expenses. This is called the Unifast Bill, under which the government shall be obliged to intervene financially.

“Under the Unifast, papasok na ang gobiyerno para tumulong magbigay ng grant-in-aid,” said the congressman of the popular bill which is expected to turn into law before the year ends.

“Sa mga faculty, sa susunod na taon meron na tayong at least 9000 plantilla positions. Hopefully ay marami dito sa PSU ang maging regular o magkaroon ng item,” said the congressman who has recently received much clamor to run for a senatorial post in 2016, after which he drew the loud cheers of a very excited faculty in attendance. Should this and a possible 6 thousand more plantilla positions open up, a total of 15 thousand teaching vacancies will need to be filled all over the Philippines. He also added that by next year, there will be a funding for the NBC-461.

To the delight of the staff he then said, “Ang susunod nating itatrabaho na magkaroon ng item ay ang ating mga non-teaching personnel.”

Before he ended his speech, he humbly asked for one thing.

“Sana po ay sa pamamagitan ng mga bagong scolarship at bagong items ay lalong mapatibay natin ang college education dito sa ating bansa lalo sa ating mga state universities and colleges.”