Outgoing CEAT Dean Engr. Nena Zara was honored by the CEAT family today, together with the leaders of the PSU administration in a simple but nonetheless sentimental affair at the Performing Arts Center. In her address, she was very candid about her reasons for leaving her post.

“Everyone is fully aware that recently I lost my husband,” she bared. “I realized that life is too short to give priority to one’s career. I need to give more time to my family – my only son and my only grandson – by enjoying their presence without thinking stress from work. Although my priority is not my work, it does not mean that I give less effort to my role as a member of the teaching staff. It will always be my passion to give my best to my work and to give what my students deserve from me.”

When she requested President requested President Dr. Jeter Sespeñe to relieve her of her post, she also cited a number of underlying reasons. She mentioned that she needs to attend to 2 proposals that are undergoing evaluation by PSU, which would result in funding from the university. Secondly, she also brought attention to the need to empower CEAT research.

“There is a need to pass on the leadership to younger blood while I am still around to mentor, my successor,” said the esteemed engineer who is looking at retiring in 3-4 years.

She also admitted to having the need to be more present inside the classroom. “Being deloaded as a dean has deprived me from teaching the subjects I love the most. There is a feeling of regret, not having to share the knowledge the students deserve from me,” she shared.

The exit of Nena Zara from the CEAT has been met with mixed feelings from around the university personnel, with most sentiments being divided between having her to stay to continue the excellent work she has been doing, and letting her move freely in the direction she wants to pursue. But “Ma’am Nena”, as she is fondly called, is not leaving the CEAT without something good to hope for.

“The college is currently awaiting 10.7M to be allotted for its needs. Hence the college is left in good hands,” she said to the applause of an intent audience.

“I thank our President. Finally there is a president who has directed his focus on the CEAT,” she said referring to the particular attention that Dr. Jeter Sespeñe gave to the college as soon as he took office in 2011.

“My gratitude goes to the senior and junior faculty who have shown their commitment and passion for teaching, those who have never counted the extra hours exerted to help students learn. Many thanks to you,” she told the CEAT faculty who were in almost complete attendance.

“I solicit your full support to the new dean,” she said in reference to Engr. Melchor Jaramilla, whom she has promised to guide and help out especially as he is freshly taking on a huge responsibility. “He can never do it by himself.”

“The incoming dean possesses those qualities that can boost our unit to greater heights. The college has yet to work hard to realize its vision and mission but I have high hopes that your new dean can lead us to where we are supposed to go,” she said as a final message and a highly symbolic endorsement of the incoming leadership.