On 16-20 May 2016, Dr. Carl Smith and Dr. Russel Richards from the University of Queensland (UQ) returned to Palawan State University (PSU) for another round of CCRES core modelling team planning workshop. Participants to the workshop were teams from the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) and PSU.

Due to developments in the project, a third team from PSU was formed to tackle the issue of Food Security. Dr. Ronald Ona (URO Deputy Director), Engr. Maria Rosario Aynon A. Gonzales (former PSU team A), Mr. Roy Bero (former PSU team A), Ms. Precious Joy Latras (former PSU team B) and Ms. Melanie King (CCRES Chief Operations Officer) comprise the said team.

The 5-day workshop focused on reviewing the stock and flow models developed by each team. Aside from this, the group also made plans for the next round of focus group discussions (FGDs) in El Nido and reviewed the modified script. Furthermore, mock FGD sessions were also held to test the script.

During the workshop, sessions were held to review the models created. Each team demonstrated the stock and flow models that they have built. The teams continued to work on their models and incorporated feedback received from other teams. Data collation plans were also discussed at length.

At the end of the workshop, teams were able to update the stock and flow models based on their feedback loops. Additionally, data collection plans and instruments were developed.

Dr. Carl Smith during his lecture

Presentation of constructed stock and flow models

CCRES Team with Dr. Michael D. Pido, VP for Research and Extension