Performance of the Winners

Dr. Gabilyn G. Orilla
Dean, CAH
Inspirational Talk:
Dr. Jeter S. Sespeñe, Ffup
University President


Master of Ceremony
Mr. Anthony Badilla


Schedule of Activities

Day 1 (February 26, Thursday)
8:00AM Parade (CAH Building to Gym)
9AM - 12 Noon Opening Program (PSU Gym)
8AM - 5PM COMELEC Registraton (CNHS - AVH)
8AM - 5PM Philippine Studies Exhibit (CAH Lobby)
12 Noon Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
(In front of the CAH Building)
12:30 Noon onwards Boddle Fight / Bring and Share
2PM - 4PM Debate (Uniwide) - Elliminations Round (CAH - AVH)
2PM - 4:30PM CAH Mini Olympics (Faculty vs Students) (PSU Gymnasium)
4:30PM onwards Costplay Literature Activity (PSU Gymnasium)
Whole Day: Studnt Orgs' Booths and Book Fair
DAY 2 (February 27, Friday)
8AM - 12 Noon Women Empowerment Training (PSU Hostel)
8AM - 5PM COMELEC Registration (CNHS-AVH)
10AM - 5PM Debate (Finals)(CAH-AVH)
10AM Onwards Beads Making Contest - Uniwide
1M Onwards Foreign Language Culminating Activity (PSU Gym)
2PM - 4PM Humanities Photo Exhibit (CAH-AVH)
6PM 6PM Students and Faculty Talent Showdown (PAC)
6PM Onwards Blacklight Party / CAHMPFIESTAHAN (CAH)
Whole Day" Student Orgs' and Book Fair
Day 3 (February 28, Saturday)
8AM - 5PM Treasure Hunting, Snging Contest and Games for Students
6PM Onwards University Wide Fashion Show/Open Jam