The College of Arts and Humanities of the Palawan State University is now busy with the finishing touches of the beautification of the garden located at the building’s entrance. This improvement was initiated by no less than the CAH Dean Dr. Gabilyn G. Orilla.

She shares, “We want to inspire a culture which bears a positive mindset among our faculty and students. We want to bear an image befitting the College of Arts.”

The Dean continued, “Palawan State University is highly recognized as a green and ecological University. We should all do our part in preserving our surroundings and making it more beautiful according to that principle. I strongly urge all the other colleges to do the same as we have done here at the CAH, if not better.”

There is a marked difference in the facade and the ambience at the CAH. This comes in no better time, especially as the College is bracing for the CAH Week this February.

Asked on how she was able to accomplish the task, she said, “It so happens that gardening is one of my passions. But really, anyone who is willing to let the imagination take over can surely do this. I did some of the gardening here myself whenever I was available after work. I spent whole Sundays enjoying the work here.”

The cost of the beautification is a result of a consolidation of funds which include part of the Dean’s RATA, contributions from the CLC and donations from a number of civic-minded and culture-oriented alumni of the CAH.