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With the theme “Appreciating Foreign Languages for Global Competitiveness,” the College of Arts and Humanities (CAH) held its Foreign Languages Culmination Day program on September 29, 2014 at the PSU Gymnasium. The program served as a way for students enrolled in foreign language subjects to showcase the skills that they have acquired over the semester, as well as a way to celebrate the rich cultures of other countries.

The event included performances by students enrolled under the different language classes, namely, Mandarin, Bahasa, French, Hangeul (Korean), Nihonggo  ( Japanese), and Spanish. The performances included song and dance numbers, with students performing a mix of traditional and more modern pieces from their respective language groups.

Students also set up booths and exhibits featuring popular landmarks, flora and fauna, and structures from different countries. Aside from students and teachers, the activity was also attended by College Dean Dr. Gabilyn Orilla and Vice-President for Academic Affairs Dr. Lorna Gelito. In her message at the event, Dr. Orilla stated that the activity should allow students to further explore and appreciate cultures and lifestyles from other countries, as well as become more competitive with the skills they have learned. Dr. Gelito likewise expressed her appreciation and support for the event.

Mr. Restie Allan Puno, Chairperson of the CAH Foreign Languages Department, thanked those who gave their support and made