True to its commitment to the Philippine National Red Cross, the PSU has once again selflessly made itself available as a venue for a blood donation program.

This whole day event was actually arranged by the Alpha Rho fraternity for its members but it was also kept open for anyone in the PSU Community who wished to donate blood.

Ms. Agnes Veronio, Medical Technologist in charge of blood services was on site to oversee the operations which witnessed the collection of 23 units of blood all within one day.

“Mas maganda na at least aware ang mga kabataan na ang pagbibigay ng dugo ay isang social responsibility. It should start at a young age, may mga tao talaga silang matutulungan pag nagbigay sila ng dugo,” she said, beaming at the success of the day’s program.

It is often easy to see that blood donation has humanitarian benefits, especially as this can be used by a victim or a patient in an emergency situation. However, blood donors also benefit from this, as pointed out by Ms. Veronio.

She shared that blood is produced by the bone marrow. Typically, blood lasts for 120 days inside the human body. When you are a regular donor, this “encourages your body to produce new blood. The bone marrow then becomes more active in producing blood cells. Since the blood is responsible for bringing nutrients to other parts of the body, the nutrients are distributed more effectively.”

She also appealed to everyone in the PSU especially the youth by saying that “blood donation is a heroic act. This may be a simple acts for the rest of us but for the patient who will benefit, this is huge. That’s why we encourage the youth to get involved in activities like this one.”

As a parting shot she said, “In behalf of the PNRC, we thank President Jeter S. Sespeñe for supporting us. Sana ipagpatuloy na suportahan ang lahat ng mga activities ng Red Cross.”