The Office of Legal Affairs and Adjudication is your office.

This office was created last November 2010. This aims to protect and promote your rights. It provides legal assistance specifically the PSU

In the pursuit of protecting and promoting the rights of the downtrodden, their interests should be of paramount consideration and these can only be done by providing them legal assistance. This makes a Legal Affairs Department something which an institution cannot dispense with.
Today, I am more than happy that we can now reach more people and be more accessible to them through our new official website. I am certain that this will play an excellent role in achieving the mission and vision of the university and of the OLAA.
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Director of Legal Affairs and Adjudication
Atty. Joselito C. Alisuag

Actual Description of Functions

  1. To investigate and hold hearings for determination of all administrative complaint involving personnel of the University, to subpoena witnesses, documents and other evidences.
  2. To cause titling and document of all real properties of the university.
  3. To cause the ejectment of all unauthorized occupants or possessor of university property.
  4. To provide legal assistance and representation to personnel of the university who are facing charges before any competent court or office in relation or by reason of their official function.
  5. To oversee and coordinate the legal clinic and internship program of the university’s school of law.

Other Services Offered by the Legal Affairs Office
PSU Developmental Legal Center

Staff assigned to the Legal Affairs Office

Clerk of Court
Atty. Hazel Mae A. Alaska

Legal Researcher
Jovhilmar C. Estoque

Legal Assistant/Guidance Counselor
Donald A. Delos Reyes

Joemar Christopher V. Morales

Ma. Athena Victoria C. Base