The Office is responsible for conducting researches on Women and Gender Development; Organizing meetings, workshops and symposiums to address Gender and Development; Establishing a stronger bridge system with other Gender and Development concerned agencies; and promoting and fulfilling Women Empowerment and Gender Equality.

OWGAD Program

  1. AKAP Counseling and Hotline
  2. Self Empowerment and Development Program
  3. Awareness Program on GAD Mandate & Magna Carta for Women
  4. Reproductiive Health Care Program
  5. Health Awareness Program
  6. Child Care Program
  7. Gender Mainstreaming & Integration in the Curriculum Program


Contact Us:

Prof. Dr. Mary Allyson B. Carlos
Director, Office on Women, Gender and Development
Email Address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Landline: +63484349342
Mobile: +639209459668



Diane R. Arcenas
Overall Project Coordinator

Mari Carla S, Llorca
Coordinator - Services

Glaiza T. Sebatnas
GAD Counselor


College GAD Coordinators:

Enola Gay Misajon - CAH
Grace Cabiguen - CBA
Enrico Mercado - CS
Melissa Olit - CHMT
Marilou de los Reyes - CEAT
Ma. Xendria Catacutan - CNHS
Melissa Mae Uy - PSU-LES
Juris Ednilao - PSU-LHS
Ruben Ballester - CCJE
Chona Rizada - CTE


GFPS-Executive Committee:

CHAIRMAN: Dr. Jeter S. Sespeñe

VICE-CHAIR: Dr. Mary Allyson B. Carlos


Dr. Lorna C. Gelito
VP for Academic Affairs

Prof. Marilyn G. Pablico
VP for Admin and finance

Dr. Michael Pido
VP for Research

Atty. Joseph Pardian
University Legal Counsel

Dr. Grace N. Abrina
Director - OSAS

Prof. Gil Bundac
HRMO Officer


GAD Technical Working Group:

Chairperson: Dr. Mary Allyson B Carlos


Deans, HRMO, College GAD Coordinators



Chairperson: Atty. Joseph Pardian
                  University Legal Counsel

Members:    Dr. Mary Allyson B. Carlos
                 GAD Director

                 Prof. Gil Bundac
                 HRMO Officer

                 Faculty Representative/ Student Representative (for cases involving students)