Venzon L. Limpiada, MSIT
University and Board Secretary
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Section 7 (The Secretary of the University or College) of  RA 8292 otherwise known as “Higher Education Modernization Act of 1997” states “that the Board shall appoint a secretary who shall serve as such for both the Board and the university or college and shall keep all records and proceedings of the Board. He shall communicate to each member of the Board notice of meetings.

Specifically, the Office of the University and Board Secretary (UBS) serves as the primary interface and communication link between the Board of Regents of the University and executive officers of the University on one hand and the diverse stakeholders and resource providers of the University and the general public on the other. The UBS facilitates governance of the University through its work as the secretariat and administrative arm of:
a. Board of Regents (BOR);
b. PSU Administrative Council;

Board of Regents Corner

1. BOR Members/Attendees (Past and Present)

2.  BOR's Calendar of Activities

Instructions: To download each file, after clicking the link, Click the "File" menu, then Click "Download As Microsoft Word, etc.".Downloadable Forms and Templates [Please click on the Item to View the Page]

1.  UBS Operations Manual [Recommended Minimum Complete Staff Work from Proposals for BOR Action]

     Process and Procedures: 

     a. Request for copy of the Board Documents (Resolutions, Minutes, etc.) of the Board

     b. Request for Travel Authority Abroad

     c. Process of Setting the Schedule and Preparing for the BOR Meeting

     d. Steps in Preparing for Provisional Agenda

     e. Process of Preparing the BOR Summary of Decisions

     f. The Process of Setting the BOR Provisional Agenda

     g.  The Process of Effecting BOR Decisions

     h.  Request for Referendum 

2.  Executive Brief

3.  Re-Entry Plan

4.  Curriculum Vitae Template

5.  Request for BOR Resolution / Documents (Form OUP 01)

6.  OUP Template No. 01 [Endorsement of Foreign Travel of Personnel]

7.  Status Report on the Implementation of RE-ENTRY PLAN for the Previous FOREIGN TRAVEL COMPLETED

8.  Comprehensive Project Profile (CPP) - Sample Only

9. Procurement-Related Forms (APP, PPMP, APP-CSE)

10.  PowerPoint Template for All Proposals

11.  MOA Template (PSU External Campuses and an LGU Concerned) [Sample Template Only] 


Legal Basis [Resources]

1.  Revised Documentary Requirements for Common Government Transactions

2.  Prohibition from collecting Fees other than those allowed by RA 10931

3.  CHED Template for Feasibility Study

4.  Standard Format for Agenda of SUCs

5.  Delegated Authority to the President [Award of Contracts for Bidded Projects]

Office of the University and Board Secretary
Address:  2nd Floor, Administration Building, Tiniguiban Heights, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, 5300
Telephone No.: (048) 433-2379
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Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.