Palawan State University's Transnational Education/Crossborder Model

Applying the categorization and definition of CHED as per CMO No. 2, s 2008, the university transnational education can be considered as in III-B (2) described as blended learning where PSU, and Philippine HEI, offers its program in a foreign branch (EDS Business School in Penang, Malaysia) and in Vietnam in collaboration with the Inter-Education Company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Residential Sessions for every course – intensive in-house sessions using varied types of teaching approaches where students are required to attend and complete at least 24-30 hours of lecture-discussion and case analysis. Other learning expenses may include:

  • Field trips/field visits for exposure to real settings;
  • Computer Aided Instruction
  • Web Conferences
  • Tandem/Team Teaching
  • Internet Based Studies
  • Detailed Scholarly Works

 “TNE…Education for global engagement…pursuing value opportunities for cross border advancement in a borderless knowledge economy...”