Since I assumed Deanship on 01 August 2018, Advance Education has been my mantra. In fact, I have requested an illustration for this vision about the Bayanihan concept carrying a house for house transfer. Hence, by virtue of the administrative position assigned to me, I am directly responsible for leading the University's Graduate School into a better shape.

Advanced Education — alternatively reffered to as Graduate Education — has substantially changed over the last half of the century. As a result, the so-called Graduate Schools have sprouted among over 100 State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in the Philippines' educational system. Unfortunately, the major governing policies (such as CMO No. 36, series of 1998 and CMO No. 9, series of 2003) need to be updated to address the current needs of graduate education.
PSU has been part of the above phenomenon. Dr. Romeo Valdez (VP for finance and Administration) vividly recalled that the GS was the first academic unit established in the summer of Academic Year 1972-73 when PSU was still known as the Palawan Teacher's College. Hence, the GS has already been in existence for a staggering 45 years!
Similar to other Advanced Education units of many SUCs, the GS is confronted with a number of issues and challenges. This is because the world's educational system has dramatically evolved with the advancement of technology and the fourth industrial revolution. Among others, these include the adoption of outcome-based education (OBE) as the teaching-learning framework, the demand for new and/or enhanced competencies among graduate students and the cultivation of a culture of research and innovation in offering graduate programs.

There is a wide gap between the existing condition and the desired graduate programs that shall enable the advanced education to support our national development in a fast-changing globalized world. Fields such as teacher education, management and public administration are over subscribed. On the other hand, specializations related to information technology, robotics and aerospace science are very much wanting.

The PSU's advance education is at a critical juncture — at a crossroad so to speak. There are daunting challenges related to curricular programs, infrastructure facilities, capability of faculty members, and qualifications of graduate students. Notwithstanding, there are also myriads of opportunities for improvement. With the leadership support of the top management and the cooperation of faculty members and other units alike, we could collectively bring PSU's Advanced Education to greater heights.

Dr. Micheal Pido
Dean, Graduate School